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av Marie Amdam sist endret 2019-08-30T11:56:56+02:00
What was life like for early modern humans in Africa 50 - 100 000 years ago? When and how did early humans start to think and behave the way we do, and how did climate and environmental changes contribute to this development?
Tirsdag 10. september 18:00
Hovedbiblioteket, Amalies hage


Please join us for a lively discussion when our excellent panel of researchers address some of the big questions about our early human past and about the origins of us all.

Professor Simon Armitage from Royal Holloway University of London is a dating expert and can tell us on how climate changes affected human populations in the past.

Professor Francesco d’Errico from the University of Bordeaux is an international expert on symbolic communication and material culture in the past.

Dr Helga Vierich is an anthropologist that has conducted extensive fieldwork among the San people and other groups in Africa. She is currently a guest researcher at UiB’s Centre of excellence, Centre for Early Sapiens Behaviour (SapienCE). Vierich is focusing on what living groups can tell us about the hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

Professor Armitage and Professor d’Errico are both part of UiB’s international research team at SapienCE.

Welcome to an open discussion about humans, nature and human nature!

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