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by Arild Ness last modified 2017-02-14T09:43:08+00:00
The swedish artist, poet and musician Johannes Heldén will read from his book Astroecology (2016 - Albert Bonniers Förlag), accompanied by a background movie with a soundscape.
Tirsdag 14. februar 18:00
Hovedbiblioteket, UROM

Dramaten.se writes:
"Zoom out and the pixels become stars. Astroecology is a unique combination of performance, multimedia installation, poetry and concert.."

"Johannes Heldén is a visual artist, poet and musician. His work deals with artificial intelligence, ecology, poetry, science fiction, sentience and interactive narrative structures. He has published twelve books, most recently Astroecology (2016) which was published in three languages and made into an interdisciplinary performance at The Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm, and a digital artwork published by Bonniers Konsthall. Heldén was the recipient of the Åke Andrén Art Prize in 2015 and the Evolution project won the inaugural N. Katherine Hayles prize in 2014. He has published four music albums, most recently System (Irrlicht), and seven digital online works of poetry and visual art. His work has recently been shown at ISEA in Vancouver, Broken Dimanche in Berlin, Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm, Centre Pompidou in Paris, Inspace in Edinburgh, Moderna Museet Stockholm, UB Center for the Arts Buffalo, The Fifth Moscow Biennale, The Media Archaelogy Lab/University of Colorado, Volt in Bergen, ICIDS Istanbul, NIMK in Amsterdam, Dome of Visions in Copenhagen, UKS in Oslo among others. He is a fellow of the MacDowell Colony, Headlands Center for the Arts, Hawthornden Castle et al.”