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Shared mobility and Mobility as a Service – opportunities for new innovation in the city of Bergen?
Mandag 20. februar 09:15
Hovedbiblioteket, Auditoriet

Bergen has set ambitious targets for reducing transport-related emissions in the next few years, and electric cars are often seen as the great solution to achieve these goals. At the same time we know that 95% of passenger seats in cars during rush hours are not in use, and the average car sits still 97% of the time. The sharing economy is here already with smart apps and services, and promises a way to utilize that unused capacity. But how do we make this change actually happen? What new innovation and business opportunities will open up in this transition?
Lars Ove Kvalbein is a mobility advisor for the City of Bergen – Bergen kommune. His work includes the transition to e-mobility and zero-emission transport solutions, as well as shared mobility, mainly car sharing and ride sharing (carpooling). He is passionate about the potential for shared mobility for meeting the challenges of space and pollution for a city like Bergen. He is also the co-founder of the grassroots neighbourhood initiative “Bærekraftige liv” (Sustainable lives), which explores the power of community in lowering our carbon footprint.