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- General information about the Catalan language and Catalonia. - General and short history of the Catalan literature - Some of the most important names of the contemporary Catalan writers.
Lørdag 5. oktober 14:00
Hovedbiblioteket, Auditoriet

Cinta Arasa (Tortosa, 1978) has a degree in Political Science and Administration and has written several works of fiction, mainly for children and young people.

She has published the books On és el sol, Cucafera? (Where’s the Sun, Big Grub? 2007), Emergència al País de la Màgia (Emergency in the Land of Magic, 2010), El món dalt d'una sabata (The World on a Shoe, 2012), Missió Trobairitz! (Mission Trobairitz! 2013), La lluna és dolça, Ahmed (The Moon is Sweet, Ahmed, 2013), Zeneib, la primera enxaneta (Zeneib, Top of the Human Tower, 2013), Ja som a l'hivern! (It's Winter Now! 2013), Ha arribat la primavera! (Spring Is Here!, 2014), L'estiu és aquí! (Summer Is Here!, 2014), Comença la tardor! (Autumn Has Begun!, 2014), Les fades són calbes (2016), En Bernat, el gat afamat (Bernat, the hungry cat) (2017), Mama, vull que siguis com un elefant  (Mum, I want you to be like an elephant)(2017) and La paraula màgica (The magical word)( 2018). In 2013 she was awarded the Enric Valor Prize for Young People's Literature for her book Vaig fer la maleta un dia de juny (I Packed My Bag One Day in June, 2014).

She has published the novel for adults Arran de l'Ebre (On the Banks of the Ebro, 2009) and her work has also appeared in several collective works of stories and poetry. Among the publications she writes for are Serra d'Or, Avui, Sàpiens, El Diari de Tarragona and Novacat.  

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