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av Marie Amdam sist endret 2019-05-03T09:40:49+02:00
Aiman Shaqura wants to share the entrepreneurial mindset with you - Join us at Link Up @ The Library (free breakfast meeting) Tuesday May 7th.
Tirsdag 7. mai 09:15
Hovedbiblioteket, Auditoriet


Learn with an «invent as you go»-attitude rather than spending time writing an ambitious business plan at his desk, Aiman has gone from 0 income when he first arrived to Norway as a refugee at 10 years, to successfully building his own businesses with a turnover of more than NOK 100 million.

Just how did he do that? Through his own life experiences, Aiman will take you through some of his main insights and lessons learned, highlighting the key steps which he believes are essential to becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Link Up @ The Library are free breakfast meetings – Open for everyone