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av Arild Ness sist endret 2019-02-12T07:59:32+00:00
Ellis Culture wants to simplify the daily lives of people working across cultures. Learn the codes of conduct and unwritten rules of the culture you are going to interact with.
Mandag 18. februar 09:15
Hovedbiblioteket, Auditoriet

Join us at Link Up @ The Library Monday February 18th and learn more.

Our speaker, Karin Ellis – is the founder of Ellis Culture, and the author of the books “Working with Norwegians” and “Applying for jobs in Norway”.

Karin will reflect upon how Norwegians are often perceived by people from other cultures and discuss how some of the cultural traits specific to Norway often present challenges when interacting with people from other cultures. Even experienced Norwegian business leaders may be unaware of this issue, and it may cause confusion and frustration in multicultural workplaces. Karin will also share some tips for working in a multicultural environment in Norway.

More information on: www.ellisculture.com.

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