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by Helene Madsen last modified 2017-08-24T12:07:20+00:00
Learn VR production over a weekend. Bergen Public Library has in collaboration with BIFF brought wizards of VR: Crossover Labs from London for a deep dive into practical VR production.

XO-VR NO (Crossover VR Norway) is seeking storytellers, artists and developers to come together, collaborate and build original stories in VR. Filmmakers, playwrights, theatre directors and writers will be teamed up with illustrators, photographers, visual artists and a Unity 3D developer. With guidance from the course leaders and expert mentors, participants discover the possibilities and challenges of creating VR narratives while creating functioning prototypes in small, cross-disciplinary groups.This hack is an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience of developing content for a platform that is quickly revolutionising the media landscape.


The event will be led by Crossover Labs with expert mentoring from Unfold Collective. The lab will begin with discussions about VR and see you learning the skills you’ll need to create an immersive story. Cross disciplinary teams will then collaborate on building a prototype experience under guidance from the mentoring team. The workshop is held at Bergen Public Library, Strømgaten 6, 29.sept. - 1.oct. 2017.


Attendance fee: NOK 1500,-

Apply here (max 20 participants, apply before the 31st of August)  


This hack is an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience of developing content for a platform that is revolutionising the media landscape. VR offers storytellers, developers and artists a whole new platform with which to work. Major content makers from film, television and games are working with VR and having the skills and understanding to create work for the medium will put you at the forefront of a new, developing and potentially lucrative market.

We believe that by putting artists in the driving seat of emerging technology we can enshrine artistic endeavor from the outset while exploring the creative possibilities of these screens of tomorrow.


Who Should Attend

We’re looking for visual storytellers to join with artists from any creative discipline and game developers.



With VR as the coming force in media platforms it’s vital that the medium has storytellers and filmmakers versed in creating stories that can exist in a 360 immersive world. We want storytellers to join us to learn how to craft a narrative for VR and utilize the strengths of this new platform.



Any artist creating work that could be used to create a story-world is who we’re looking for. Be it photographers, 3D modelers, animators, illustrators, graphic designers, abstract painters, cabaret performers; whatever your style, we’re interested. We look forward to experiencing immersive worlds of Russian constructivism or comic book fantasy equally. Artists will need to bring their tools (cameras, tablets, laptops etc) with which to work and create content for the projects.



The underlying driving force behind VR content is its software engine and the developers powering it. We will be working primarily is Unity but applications from developers skilled in other engines are welcomed. A computer will be provided.


Apply here (max 20 participants, apply before the 31st of August)