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av admin sist endret 2016-09-17T01:43:42+02:00
At the library, you can play Playstation, Nintendo DS, Wii, and various board games.

You can play many different games at the library. To borrow games you must have a library card.

At the library you can also play different board games, anything from Chess and Scrabble to Ubongo and Settlers of Catan. Find yourself a table, a partner and get going!

Where you can play

Department Playstation 3 Wii* Nintendo DS PC Brettspill 
Main library,
Childrens department
x x  x
Main library, Game room
 x      x  x
Åsane library x x* x    
Fana library x   x    
Loddefjord library x x* x
Oasen library x x* x    
Landås library     x    x

*Wii is only used at game evenings