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Only for participants at the Nordic Libraries Together conference in Bergen 2022.


Nordic Libraries Together - Registration for Table Sessions Friday

The table sessions on day three of the conference are where you, as a participant, take action! In this session, we want you to ENGAGE and get INVOLVED in discussions with the other participants about a subject that matters to you.

You can choose between 8 tables / 8 subjects, and we recommend you do the registration as soon as possible. There is a limited number of places on each table.  

Table Session #1: Building Democracy  

With Marjo Hietikko and Lepe Parviainen from Tampere City Library, Finland. 

In this session, library professionals will get a good dose of democracy dialogue with peers. Join the table and discuss best practices and burning questions – let’s crack some hard nuts about what it means in practice to promote democracy in libraries in the 2020s!  

Registration: Table Session #1: Building Democracy (pameldingssystem.no)


Table Session #2: Sustainability and Community 

With Kaja Ahnfelt works from Deichman Grünerløkka, Norway. 

How can the library help build a more sustainable future? Can we work with social inclusion while also contributing to a greener society? And in what ways can the library sector itself contribute to less consumption and a carbon-neutral future? In this table session, we will explore the library's role in building social, but most of all – environmental sustainability.

Registration: Table Session #2: Sustainability and Community (pameldingssystem.no)


Table Session #3: How to Design the Future Library Experience? 

With Silje Tombre and Sissel Falch from Haltenbanken, Norway.

The physical environment where we spend our time is of great importance for our well-being, both for employees and visitors. What kind of physical arena could the library be in the future? What functions should we emphasise? What kind of experience does the audience expect? In this workshop, we design the physical library experience of the future.

Registration: Table Session #3: How to Design the Future Library Experience? (pameldingssystem.no) 


Table Session #4: Library Take-Over: Release Control and Get New Users 

With Michael Linde Larsen from Odense Main Library, Denmark. 


Registration: Table Session #4: Library Take-Over: Release Control and Get New Users (pameldingssystem.no)


Table Session #5: Library Value in the Digital World 

With Katrine Svela from Biblioteksentralen SA, Norway. 

Libraries are places characterised by values such as openness, diversity, equal access, transparency, sustainability and critical thinking. How can we ensure that these values are present in services we as libraries provide in the digital world as well? How can we build upon our unique expertise to provide a healthy and democratic counterpart to the algorithms and filter bubbles prevalent in commercial platforms? 

Registration: Table Session #5: Library Value in the Digital World (pameldingssystem.no)


Table Session #6: Try out Fargespill-Methodology   

With Mariell Wilhelmsen Vågen, Bergen Public Library, Norway.

This is a table session out of the ordinary, here you can see how it feels to be a part of a session based on the Fargespill-methodology. This methodology has an interdisciplinary perspective and is developed for use in education. How can we get our diversity of library users to contribute as resources to our events at the library?   
On this table session you need to bring something that has some meaning for you, it can be a song, a poem, or a short text in your own language. Maybe you had a favorite lullaby growing up that you can teach the rest of the group? 

Registration: Table Session #6: Try out Fargespill-Methodology (pameldingssystem.no) 


Table Session #7: Developing New Services with the Library Users  

With Saska Ruutiainen and Topias Salonen from Espoo City Library, Finland. 

with Saska Ruutiainen and Topias Salonen from Espoo City Library, Finland 

Contemporary public libraries have diverse and broad educational and social goals. What kind of new services could libraries develop together with library users, and how could these services support the goals of public libraries? How could Nordic public libraries cooperate on developing new services? 

Registration: Table Session #7: Developing New Services with the Library Users (pameldingssystem.no)


Table Session #8: Inclusion Through Technology and Learning   

With Inger Urdal and Jay Poltakova from Bergen Public Library, Norway.

Libraries are not just literature houses but also an arena for lifelong learning, technological innovation, cultural inclusion, and many exciting discoveries. In this table session, you will learn about learning activities related to technology and digital services Bergen Public Library offers its patron users. With issues such as the digital divide for some adults and seniors, screen time usage among children and young adults, and privacy and information security, where does the library stand? You will get to try out and test our STEM learning resources and discuss ideas, challenges and how we can work together.

Registration: Table Session #8: Inclusion Through Technology and Learning (pameldingssystem.no)