(Norwegian below). 

Library professionals from the Nordic countries; Welcome to Bergen 

From the 9th to the 11th of November 2022, we welcome you to the Nordic Libraries Together conference. This time held in beautiful (and rainy) Bergen, Norway.


We look forward to welcoming you to Bergen for two days of inspiring keynote speakers, creative workshops and Nordic colleagues to add to your network. The NLT conference is for professionals in the library field who want to learn more about how leading libraries in the Nordic countries work with involving and enabling our societies. 

Nordic Libraries Together is an opportunity for you to fill up your toolbox, exchange ideas and experiences and expand your professional network.  

Nordic Libraries Together is an annual conference for professionals in the library field - public and county librariesOn the initiative of the Nordic library network NINja. In cooperation with Vestland County Council, section for library development.     


Bibliotekansatte fra Norden; velkommen til Bergen! 

Fra 9. til 11. november 2022 ønsker vi deg velkommen til konferansen Nordic Libraries Together - Denne gangen holdt i vakre (og regnfulle) Bergen, Norge. 

Vi ser frem til å ønske deg velkommen til Bergen for to dager med inspirerende foredragsholdere, kreative workshops og nordiske kolleger som du kan bli kjent med. Denne konferansen er for ansatte i folke- og fylkesbibliotek som ønsker å lære mer om hvordan ledende bibliotek i Norden jobber med å involvere og aktivere sine lokalsamfunn. 

Nordic Libraries Together er en mulighet for deg til å få faglig påfyll, utveksle ideer og erfaringer og utvide ditt profesjonelle nettverk. 

Nordic Libraries Together er en årlig konferanse for profesjonelle som jobber i folkebibliotek eller fylkesbibliotek. Etter initiativ fra det nordiske biblioteknettverket NINja. I samarbeid med seksjon for bibliotekutvikling i Vestland fylkeskommune.

 Bergen Public Library, October 2022.

Book hotel

Hotel reservation? 
You can book a room at Scandic Ørnen in Bergen. To book a room, contact the hotel directly by phone or email or on the hotel website.
The price for a single room is 
NOK 1250 per night using the code BBER101122.

Hotel Contact Info:
Scandic Ørnen
Address: Lars Hillesgate 18, 5008 Bergen
Telephone +47 553 750 00
or Hotel website 

The hotel is holding rooms for the conference participants until the 20th of October, after which it is not guaranteed that there will be free rooms.
If you have any questions regarding practical information about the conference, please contact Kjersti Eide Hatland: 

Practical information

Nordic Libraries Together is held at the main public library in Bergen from the 9th to the 11th of November 2022. It is located in the city centre, and the address is Strømgaten 6, 5015 Bergen. 

How to get from Bergen Airport Flesland to Bergen city centre? 
You can reach the city centre by City Light Rail (Bybanen), Airport Bus or by taxi. 


Bergen Light rail (Bybanen) 
Bybanen is the cheapest option at NOK 40 and takes about 45 minutes from the Airport to Bergen. The City Light Rail starts at the airport terminal in Flesland and ends in the centre of Bergen. Here is information about the Skyss Ticket app you can use. OBS! not for the Airport bus. 

Airport bus  
The bus is a bit faster and usually takes 30 minutes. The bus costs NOK 149 if you buy the tickets in advance online. If you purchase the tickets on the bus, it costs extra. The bus has several stops in Bergen city centre. You can find the bus outside the Flesland arrival terminal. All stops with the Airport bus are announced. Buy tickets online 


Other needs? 
Be in touch if you need any help before the conference. We are looking forward to meeting you all in Bergen! 



Wednesday Programme

Bergen Public Library – Amalies Hage Café  
Welcome to Bergen and the Nordic Libraries Together Conference!  

17:30 - Registration

18:00 - Refreshments  

18:30 - Meet the Dane, the Swede and the Finn
Espen Røsbak from Stavanger Library invites nordic colleagues to a light and enlightening session on the specialities and characteristics of our nordic library lives

20:00 - Concert
Jazz singer
Mari Kvien Brunvoll has over the past few years attracted attention at festivals internationally with her solo concept, where the voice is complemented by small electronic and acoustic instruments in a sound inspired by jazz, pop and folk music

22:00 - End of evening

Thursday Programme

Bergen Public Library - Storsalen  

08:30 - Registration opens  

09:00 - Conference Opening by the NINja network  

09:30 - Keynote: Forming Places that Matter, by Christian Pagh  

10:25 - Neighbourhood Libraries Presentations 

Get to know different nordic neighbourhood libraries and learn how they work 

11:25 - The Neighbourhood Library - a conversation 

12:05 - LUNCH  

13:00 - Workshop – get your energy up and your ideas spinning with design thinker Håvard Legreid  

15:00 - Time for a break   

16:30 - Meet up for library visits. Laksevåg, Ny-Krohnborg and Sletten Biblab. The bus leaves at 16:43

19:15 - Dinner with a view! At the summit of Mount Ulriken. Experience Bergen from above. Enjoy the thrilling cable car ride, superb culinary experiences, and excellent company

Friday Programme

Bergen Public Library - Storsalen  

09:15 - Keynote: The Fargespill-method (Kaleidoscope), by Ole Hamre  

10:15 - 12:00 - Let's cooperate! Find the topic and table you want to work together with. There are 8 tables to choose from

12:00 - 13:00 - LUNCH  

13:00 - 14:30 - Table Presentations and Summing Up 

14:30 - Have a safe trip back home! 

Register here for Table Sessions Friday:


Social Evening Wednesday

Social Evening

November 9th
18:00- 22:00
Amalies Hage café, Bergen Public Library
Espen Røsbak, Sanne Caft, Lotta Muurinen, Daniel Forsman.

Espen Røsbak. Photo: Anne Lise Norheim.

Sanne Caft. Photo: Asger Andersen.

Lotta Muurinen. Photo: 

Daniel Forsman. Photo: Daniel Forsman.

Mari Kvien Brunvoll. Photo: 

Welcome to Bergen and the Nordic Libraries Together Conference!  

We look forward to a social evening together.

Meet new aquaintances, catch up with old friends and enjoy an evening with interesting conversations, great music and refreshments.

17:30 - Registration   

18:00 - Refreshments  

18:30 - Meet the Dane, the Swede and the Finn  

Espen Røsbak from Stavanger Library invites Nordic colleagues to a light and enlightening session on the specialities and characteristics of our Nordic Library lives.

Espen Røsbak

Sanne Caft,
Deputy Library Director, Copenhagen Main Library. 

Lotta Muurinen, Chief Librarian of Töölö Library, Helsinki. 

Daniel Forsman, City Librarian, Stockholm City Library. 

20:00 - Concert
 Mari Kvien Brunvoll has over the past few years attracted attention at festivals internationally with her solo concept, where the voice is complemented by small electronic and acoustic instruments in a sound inspired by jazz, pop and folk music. 



Keynote Speaker Thursday

Forming Places that Matter 

November 10th
Storsalen, Bergen Public Library 
Christian Pagh

Christian Pagh. Photo: Jan Khur.

Forming Places that Matter 

Lecture by Christian Pagh

Christian Pagh (1975) is Director and Chief curator of the Oslo Architecture Triennale. Before joining the triennale, Christian was partner in the Danish strategic design office Urgent.Agency. He has headed a range of projects within urban planning, strategic design, architecture and cultural development. He is an external lecturer in Copenhagen Business School and holds a master’s degree in Modern culture and Philosophy from Copenhagen University. 


Presentations Thursday

Neighbourhood Libraries Presentations

November 10th
Storsalen, Bergen Public Library
Topias Salonen, Saska Ruutiainen, Nisrin Maktabi Barkouki, Susanne Gilling, Silje Tombre.

Topias Salonen. 

Saska Ruutiainen.

Nisrin Maktabi Barkouki. Photo: Sten Edvard Eriksen.  

Susanne Gilling.

Silje Tombre. 

Neighbourhood Libraries Presentations

Get to know four different Nordic neighbourbood libraries and learn about how they work! 

 Library, Helsinki, Finland

Lippulaiva library is the newest library in the City of Espoo, part of the Helsinki metropolitan area. Lippulaiva library has been planned together with the local community to be a warm, inviting and unique neighbourhood library. Ideas of the community are reflected in cozy home library feel with second-hand furniture and services like a community kitchen, sewing room and extensive area for families to spend time together. The philosophy of Lippulaiva library extends to a humane and active approach to customer service, and how daily functions are improved and new services are developed. We invite the community to make the library theirs and bring their own ideas, wishes and activities to be part of the library. Since opening in March 2022, Lippulaiva library has gathered a lot of positive feedback and has been warmly welcomed by the locals. 

Topias Salonen works as a library advisor at Lippulaiva library. Topias has been part of the team planning and opening Lippulaiva library.

Saska Ruutiainen works as a library advisor at Lippulaiva library. As a trained cook, Saska has been developing the community kitchen services and events, among other tasks. 



Holmlia Library, Oslo, Norway 

Holmlia is an area in the south of Oslo, in the Søndre Nordstrand district. The district is Oslo's youngest, with 1/3 of its inhabitants under the age of 20 and a high proportion of residents with multicultural backgrounds. The library in Holmlia opened 36 years ago and has, ever since it opened its doors, had a central place in the local community as one of the few neutral, low-threshold meeting places for children, young people and adults in the district. The library is undergoing a total renovation and expansion, which will have a transformative effect on the library's use. When the library reopens its doors in the autumn of 2023, it will also have a separate children's and youth library for those between the age of 10-13 years: Biblo Holmlia. 

Nisrin Maktabi Barkouki  

Nisrin Maktabi Barkouki is the manager of all three Deichman libraries in the Søndre Nordstrand district: Deichman Holmlia, Deichman Bjørnholt and Demo Mortensrud. She has a background in business economics and management, and she has worked at, among others, The National Library and the Multilingual Library. In addition, she has sat on a number of committees, such as the Head of Norsk Pen's multicultural committee and the Cultural Council's committee for translated literature. 


Gellerup Library, Aarhus Public Library, Denmark  

In December 2022, Aarhus Public Libraries opened a brand new branch library in Gellerup. It was the high point after a development period that started in 2017. Gellerup is a poor neighbourhood; about 11.000 people live here in different types of houses. The income is low, with a population of varied groups representing many nationalities. The City Council decided to change the area. The library is part of changing the local community from a vulnerable neighbourhood to an attractive local community with a lot of power, nice offers, citizenships and co-creation. Susanne Gilling will share some of the experiences from the building process to the opening. 

Susanne Gilling  
Susanne Gilling is the Manager of Library Service at Aarhus Public Library. She has been a part of the Aarhus team for many years and has had various leadership positions. She has worked with many different topics in the library field, among them branch libraries, organisational changes, recruitment, reading programmes, digital services, Citizen services in libraries etc. Susanne graduated from The Royal Danish Library School in 1997 and has since then taken different management training. 


Laksevåg library, Sletten BibLab and Ny-Krohnborg community library, Bergen, Norway  

How do we design inclusive, sustainable and locally rooted libraries?
A presentation of the design projects for Laksevåg Library, Sletten Biblab and Ny-Krohnborg Community Library. With our experience through these projects, we take a closer look at questions such as: How to involve residents, local enthusiasts, and users in the design process? How do we develop a unique identity for the local library? How to incorporate recycling, up-cycling and sustainability? 

Silje Tombre, Interior Architect in Haltenbanken
Silje Tombre is a designer and interior architect at Haltenbanken and has developed the design for Sletten BibLab and Ny-Krohnborg public library. In her work, she has particular expertise in sustainability, user participation and communication in spaces. Haltenbanken is a design agency located in Bergen that specialises in design experience in physical and digital surroundings. Together with Bergen Public Library, Haltenbanken has developed the design for Laksevåg Library, BibLab and Ny-Krohnborg. 


Conversation Thursday

The Neighbourhood Library - A Conversation

November 10th
Storsalen, Bergen Public Library
Pagh, Nisrin M. Barkouki, Susanne Gilling, Topias Salonen and Helene Voldner.

The Neighbourhood Library - A Conversation

Christian Pagh and representatives from the presented neighbourhood libraries meet on stage for a conversation moderated by Helene Voldner. In this talk we dig deeper into neigbourhood libraries, local democracy and user involvement.

Moderator: Helene Voldner
Helene Voldner is the project leader at Demo Linderud, a community-based library and public meeting place in Groruddalen in Oslo. Demo Linderud works closely with the neighbourhood and co-creating methods. Her background is from literature events and festivals, and she was a part of the team at Fubiak when it opened. She is also vice chairman of the Norwegian Library Association. 

From the left: Christian Pagh, photo: Jan Khur. Nisrin M. Barkouki, photo: Sten Edvard Eriksen. Susanne Gilling. Topias Salonen. Helene Voldner, photo: Nikolaj Blegvad.

Workshop Thursday

Workshop with Håvard Legreid 

November 10th
Storsalen, Bergen Public Library
Håvard Legreid

Håvard Legreid. Illustration: Håvard Legreid.

Workshop with Håvard Legreid

Who are you? Why are you here? What do you want?

These are the three questions all actors ask themselves about their character. What is your inquiry? Open up your thinking in this session, where we explore and create beautiful questions with creative guide Håvard Legreid.  

Håvard Legreid is a creative thinker, artist and designer. Before transferring to his current position in Frog Design, working as a creative consultant, Håvard worked for 14 years in the library field with project development, strategy and design. Håvard believes in a poetic type of creativity where good solutions, by default, are beautiful and for people.    

Library Visits Thursday

Library Visits

November 10th
17:00 – 19:00
Laksevåg, Ny-Krohnborg and Sletten Biblab

Sletteb Biblab. Photo: Camilla Grindheim Larsen.

Visits to Branch Libraries in Bergen

Laksevåg Library  

The local library in Laksevåg was closed for several years. The local people worked tirelessly towards the politicians to obtain a reopening of the library, when finally, in December 2020, a new library facility opened. Laksevåg is an old shipyard area, and the library is located on the docs. Welcome to this special library, where we will talk about how Laksevåg library works to engage the community and what this library has to offer. 

Ny-Krohnborg Community Library

Ny- Krohnborg Community Library is located on the top floor of a local culture house and sports hall next to an elementary school. How can a local library engage and work with the local community in these settings? The library is a project funded by the Norwegian National library, realized through a collaboration between different departments in the municipality and the volunteer centre.   

Sletten BibLab

Sletten BibLab opened in 2021 and is quite unique in Western Norway as a library for children and young adults. 90% of its interior is made through re-use and upcycling. This small but popular library is located in a shopping centre, in a part of Bergen, with many low-income families. Learn how the staff, a librarian and a social worker work together to engage the children and young adults through communication, building relationships and involving the target group when forming the services. 


Keynote Speaker Friday

The Fargespill-method (Kaleidoscope)

November 11th
Storsalen, Bergen Public Library
Ole Hamre

Ole Hamre. Photo: Thor Brødreskift.

The Fargespill-method (Kaleidoscope)

Lecture by Ole Hamre

Ole Hamre, musician, composer and inventor of the Fargespill-method (Kaleidoscope), gives us an insight into this unique method and its philosophy. The Fargespill-method (Kaleidoscope) is resource-oriented, where everyone has something to contribute. We should ask each other, "what do you have?" not "what are you lacking". The philosophy explores what happens if people dig for gold within themselves and each other instead of looking for dirt. Listen and be inspired!

Table Sessions Friday (8 in total)

Table Session #1: Building Democracy

November 11th
10:15 - 12:00
Bergen Public Library
Marjo Hietikko and Lepe Parviainen

Marjo Hietikko.

Lepe Parviainen. Photo: Unknown.

Table Session #1: Building Democracy

With Marjo Hietikko and Lepe Parviainen from Tampere City Library, Finland

In this session, library professionals will get a good dose of democracy dialogue with peers. Join the table and discuss best practices and burning questions – let’s crack some hard nuts about what it means in practice to promote democracy in libraries in the 2020s! To get your juices flowing, recent developments in democracy work throughout public libraries in Finland will be covered and discussed. The session will be followed up with further opportunities for cooperation and knowledge sharing across Nordic borders among the participants and their colleagues. 

Table Session #2: Sustainability and Community

November 11th
10:15- 12:00 
Bergen Public Library
Kaja Ahnfelt

Kaja Ahnfelt. Photo: 

Table Session #2Sustainability and Community

Libraries are in a unique position situated in the middle space between social, environmental and economic sustainability. With environmental issues rising and community, and collaboration, across social structures becoming increasingly important, the library has an important role to play. So how can the library help build a more sustainable future? Can we work with social inclusion while also contributing to a greener society? And in what ways can the library sector itself contribute to less consumption and a carbon-neutral future? In this table session, we will explore the library's role in building social, but most of all – environmental sustainability.  

Kaja Ahnfelt works at the library Deichman Grünerløkka in Oslo. She has an MA in interdisciplinary environmental studies from the University of Oslo. In 2017 she was awarded Oslo’s Environmental prize for her work in establishing the organisation Restarters Norway. The organisation works to change how we consume electronics and create a culture for repairing. In 2021-2022 she was in charge of writing Deichman’s first climate and environmental strategy. At Deichman Grünerløkka, she strives to make the library an epicentre for sustainable change through the book collection, workshops and events, as well as inspiring initiatives such as a seed library and a library garden. 

Table Session #3: How to Design the Future Library Experience?

November 11th
10:15 - 12:00
Bergen Public Library
Silje Tombre and Sissel Falch

Silje Tombre. Photo:

Sissel Falch. Photo: 

Table Session #3: How to Design the Future Library Experience?

The physical environment where we spend our time is of great importance for our well-being, both for employees and visitors. What kind of physical arena could the library be in the future? What functions should we emphasise? What kind of experience does the audience expect? In this workshop, we design the physical library experience of the future.  

Silje Tombre, Interior Architect in Haltenbanken

Silje Tombre is a designer and interior architect at Haltenbanken and has developed the design for Sletten BibLab and Ny-Krohnborg public library. In her work, she has particular expertise in sustainability, user participation and communication in spaces.    


Sissel Falch, Partner & Creative Director Brand & Sustainability in Haltenbanken  

As a design thinker, Sissel is genuinely concerned with people; and, at the same time, sees solutions that cut across design, technology and economics. Sissel considers the role of design as an important piece in the green shift and believes that we, as designers, are responsible for pulling projects and customers in the right direction. 

Table Session #4: Library take-over: Release control and get new users

November 11th
10:15 - 12:00
Bergen Public Library
Michael Linde Larsen

Michael Linde Larsen. Photo: 

Table Session #4: Library take-over: Release control and get new users

Odense Main Library has successfully made facilities and sparring available to new users. From being a project, it is now a core service that ensures activity and attracts new target groups in the local area. An exhibition about young people, sex and disability and events organised by ethnic minority groups have been part of the project. The method is suitable for bringing users into the building who usually don't use the traditional library. The focus is the living and co-creative library full of life and activities.  

Michael Linde Larsen works at the Odense Main Library. He holds the title of team leader, literature consultant and event coordinator. He was nominated for the danish Blixen Prize in 2018 for the year's literary communicator. 

Table Session #5: Inclusion Through Technology and Learning

November 11th
10:15 - 12:00
Bergen Public Library
Jay Poltakova and Inger Urdal  

Jay Poltakova and Inger Urdal. 

Table Session #5Inclusion Through Technology and Learning

Libraries are not just literature houses but also an arena for lifelong learning, technological innovation, cultural inclusion, and many exciting discoveries. In this table session, you will learn about learning activities related to technology and digital services Bergen Public Library offers its patron users. With issues such as the digital divide for some adults and seniors, screen time usage among children and young adults, and privacy and information security, where does the library stand? You will get to try out and test our STEM learning resources and discuss ideas, challenges and how we can work together.

Inger Urdal and Jay Poltakova are digital consultants for Bergen Public Library. They work with service designs, digital learning and technology-enhanced learning for library patrons.

Table Session #6: Library value in the digital world

November 11th
10:15 - 12:00
Bergen Public Library
Katrine Svela

Katrine Svela. Photo: Nikolaj Blegvad.

Table Session #6: Library value in the digital world

Libraries are places characterised by values such as openness, diversity, equal access, transparency, sustainability and critical thinking. How can we ensure that these values are present in services we as libraries provide in the digital world as well? How can we build upon our unique expertise to provide a healthy and democratic counterpart to the algorithms and filter bubbles prevalent in commercial platforms?
In this table session, we will explore what role the libraries could and should play in the digital world, and how we can get there.
Katrine Svela works as a designer at Biblioteksentralen SA. In her work, she is passionate about the human aspect in the services and products we create, and she regularly facilitates user centered workshops for libraries and library users. She holds an MSc in Industrial design and has solid experience from the tech industry after working for Microsoft in both Oslo and Seattle.

Table Session #7: Try out Fargespill-methodology

November 11th
10:15 - 12:00
Bergen Public Library
Mariell Wilhelmsen Vågen

Mariell Wilhelmsen Vågen.

Table Session #7: Try out Fargespill-methodology  

This is a table session out of the ordinary, here you can see how it feels to be a part of a session based on the Fargespill-methodology. This methodology has an interdisciplinary perspective and is developed for use in education. How can we get our diversity of library users to contribute as resources to our events at the library?  

On this table session you need to bring something that has some meaning for you, it can be a song, a poem, or a short text in your own language. Maybe you had a favorite lullaby growing up that you can teach the rest of the group? The most important thing is that it is something you would like to perform and share in front of the rest of the table. This way we all can learn something from each other and contribute in our own way.  

After the sharing of gifts from the participants we will discuss how we can make the users of the library feel like they contribute to events hosted by the library. How can we make the people that visit our libraries feel like it would not be possible to hold the event without them as a resource?   

Mariell Wilhelmsen Vågen works as a children’s librarian at the main library in Bergen and at the branch in Loddefjord. She is the leader of team inclusion at Bergen Public Library. She is a preschool teacher with visual arts and has studied digital learning, intercultural pedagogics and fargespill methodology. Trough here studies in the fargespill methodology she collected several fairytales from around the world from a kindergarten and illustrated the fairytales together with children, and got them translated to different languages.   

Table Session #8: Developing new services with the library users

November 11th
10:15 - 12:00
Bergen Public Library
Topias Salonen and Saska Ruutiainen 

Topias Salonen.

Saska Ruutiainen.

Table Session #8: Developing new services with the library users 

Contemporary public libraries have diverse and broad educational and social goals. What kind of new services could libraries develop together with library users, and how could these services support the goals of public libraries? How could Nordic public libraries cooperate on developing new services? Join the table session with Saska Ruutiainen and Topias Salonen from Espoo City Library, where the new Lippulaiva library was planned with local community and has an open kitchen for the local community to use.

Topias Salonen works as a library advisor in Lippulaiva library. Topias has been part of the team planning and opening Lippulaiva library.
Saska Ruutiainen works as a library advisor in Lippulaiva library. As a trained cook, Saska has been developing the community kitchen services and events among other tasks.