About the library (in English)


Bergen Public Library is the second largest public library in Norway. The present institution was founded in 1872, but is based on much older library traditions in the city. The main library was built in 1917 and is a protected building.

Bergen Public Library has its main library in the city centre and 9 branch libraries. Bergen Public Library also runs the libraries in Bergen prison and Bjørgvin prison.

In addition to a wide choice of modern Norwegian and foreign literature and other material, the library owns valuable special collections and archives from earlier times. A total number of 700.000 books, periodicals, sheet music, CDs, videos, videogames, etc are available for library users. Everything published after 1964, with the exception of some of the older sheet music is now accessible via WWW, and over half of the older collections have been converted.

Terms and conditions

Any resident of Norway (i.e. anyone staying in Norway for an extended period of time) can get a library card. Full borrowing privileges, such as unlimited checked-out items and access to self-service machines, however, extend only to residents with a National identity number/D-number/DUF-number.

Library users are obliged to:

  • Fill out a library card form at the library or register for a library card online
  • Treat library items with care
  • Return borrowed items within the due date
  • Replace damaged or lost items
  • To follow the library rules

Library cards

  • Valid proof of identity is required to obtain a library card.
  • Children under the age of 15 must also have a parent's signature on the application form.
  • The library card must be presented when borrowing.
  • The library card is a personal document.
  • The library must be notified of change of address or other contact information.
  • Loss of a library card, e.g. by theft, must be reported to the library without delay.
  • There is a charge for replacing lost cards.

Renewing loans

Library items may be renewed up to two times, provided that no reservations have been made for the items in question.

Wireless network

Bergen Public Library offers free Wi-Fi at our locations.

Connect to our Wi-Fi:

  • Select the "bk-gjest-bib" network.
  • Launch your web browser to access the welcome page.
  • Accept the terms and select "Motta passord via SMS" (Receive access code via SMS).
  • Enter your mobile number when prompted.
  • A password will be sent to the provided mobile number.
  • Launch your web browser and enter your user name (mobile number) and access code.

Once connected, you have access to the "bk-gjest-bib" network for 30 days, after which you will have to repeat the login procedure.

Rules for the library`s wireless network:

  • Norwegian law applies. Misuse of the wireless in the library will be reported to the police and the user can be held criminally liable.
  • The library`s wireless network does not offer any filtering of content, spyware, spam or virus. The users of the wireless network must therefore provide adequate protection of their own computers as regards firewalls, antivirus programmes etc.
  • The library`s wireless network can be used by many users concurrently. Care must therefore be taken in sharing private or sensitive information over the library`s wireless network. Do not use personal net-services such as internet bank or passwordprotected services unencrypted over the wireless network.
  • The library is not responsible for any loss or misuse of data transferred over the wireless network.


Bergen Public Library uses the printing solution Princh. You can print from your own machine, tablet or phone (iOS, Android) and pay for your prints online.