Loan regulations and rules of conduct

Everyone who visits us should find that the library is a good place to be. Therefore, everyone who stays in the library must comply with our regulations.

Library card

Any resident of Norway (i.e. anyone staying in Norway for an extended period of time) can get a library card. Full borrowing privileges, such as unlimited checked-out items and access to self-service machines, however, extend only to residents with a National identity number/D-number.

Library users are obliged to:

  • Fill out a library card form at the library or register for a library card online
  • Treat library items with care
  • Return borrowed items within the due date
  • Replace damaged or lost items
  • Ascertain that their contact information is up-to-date in our system.


Loan periods

4 weeks: Paper books, e-books, audio books, instruments and board games

8 weeks: Language courses

14 days: Books with long hold queue, iPad Mini, magazines, MP3 audio books, CD, vinyl, DVD/Blu-ray, video games

  • Max. concurrent loans: 99
  • Max. concurrent book reservations: 40
  • Max. concurrent games reservations: 3

Other items do not have a reservation cap.


Items for library use only

  • Hublet (tablet)*
  • Headsets for PC
  • Mobile chargers (in select libraries)
  • Chromebook (1-day loan)

* In most children’s libraries, children who have a library card can borrow a Hublet (a kind of tablet) with a selection of games, e-books and access to children-friendly apps like NRK Super and YouTube Kids.


Renewing loans

Library items may be renewed, provided that no reservations have been made for the items in question, and within maximum loan time for the specific medium.



Fees for adults:
1st overdue notice: nok 50
2nd overdue notice: nok 50

Fees for children under 15:
1st overdue notice: nok 0
2nd overdue notice: nok 0

Up to two notices will be sent per item before a replacement charge invoice is sent to your home address.


Replacement charges

Replacement charge rates for adults

Books: 450 kr*
Audio books: 200 kr
CD, DVD, Blu-ray: 150 kr
Musical instruments: 1250–3700**

* Rare items are rated individually.
** Charge varies with item value.

See all replacement charges for adults here


Replacement charge rates for children

Children’s books: 250 kr
Audio books: 100 kr
CD, DVD & Blu-ray: 100 kr

See all replacement charges for adults here

Borrowed items will be considered lost if they’re not returned after two overdue notices, and Bergen municipality will send you an invoice for the item(s). At this point, it’s no longer possible to replace the item at the library, and you must pay the invoice as per included instructions.

If you still have the item in question, you can return it to the library and disregard the invoice – within 45 days after the invoice was sent.


Rules of conduct

Library visitors must adhere to common courtesy and Norwegian law.
• It is prohibited for library visitors to appear under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs.
• The us of intoxicants in the library is prohibited except alcoholic beverages bought and consumed in the library café, Amalies hage or alcohol served at select events.
• Guide dogs are allowed at the library, other animals are not permitted.



  • Failure to comply with library rules may lead to removal from the library. Police or security guards may be summoned to assist in the removal.
  • Legal offences will be reported to the police.
  • Serious or repeated breaches of library rules may lead to restriction or termination of library privileges and/or a ban from library premises, to be determined, in
    writing, by the library manager.

The basis for our policies and rules is the Public Library Law §4, section 3.