Wi-Fi, computers and print services

Bergen Public Library offers free use of computers and Wi-Fi at our locations. It is also possible to print and take photo copies for a small fee


Connect to our Wi-Fi:

  • Select the "bk-gjest-bib" network.
  • Launch your web browser to access the welcome page.
  • Accept the terms

    Create a user
  • Enter your mobile number (foreign mobile numbers must select their country code in the drop-down menu) and press Opprett bruker (Create user).
  • A pinkode will be sent to you. Enter this in the field Passcode.
  • You will then receive a confirmation that you are logged in and can use the BK guest network for 30 days.

Do you want to connect more devices?
Then you just use the same code you were sent on the new device as well. It is therefore wise to keep the original message.


Rules for the library`s wireless network:

  • Norwegian law applies. Misuse of the wireless in the library will be reported to the police and the user can be held criminally liable.
  • The library`s wireless network does not offer any filtering of content, spyware, spam or virus. The users of the wireless network must therefore provide adequate protection of their own computers as regards firewalls, antivirus programmes etc.
  • The library`s wireless network can be used by many users concurrently. Care must therefore be taken in sharing private or sensitive information over the library`s wireless network. Do not use personal net-services such as internet bank or passwordprotected services unencrypted over the wireless network.
  • The library is not responsible for any loss or misuse of data transferred over the wireless network


At our libraries we offer free use of computers. Some of our computers have time limits and are mostly intended for printing and quick browsing.

If you need more time to work than the public computers allow, you can borrow a Chromebook (laptop) for use in the library's premises. The age limit for use of Chromebook is 9 years, and to borrow a Chromebook you must have a library card.


Bergen Public Library uses the printing solution Princh. You can print from your own machine, tablet or phone (iOS, Android) and pay for your prints online.

Instructions for printing will be found inside the library.

NOK 5. per page.


At the library you can copy documents and also scan them and send them to your e-mail.

NOK 5. per page.

Scanning to e-mail is free.

Note: We do not offer certified copies.