Modernization and interior design of the Krasinski Palace

Bergen Public Library and The National Library of Poland are partners in a project to secure modernization and conservation of Krasinski Palace (Warzaw). The subject of the project is the conversion and interior design of the Palace of the Commonwealth for the needs of cultural and educational activities including exhibitions carried out by the National Library.

Bergen Public Library is participating in an international project under: The CULTURE Programme of the European Economic Area Mechanism 2014-2021.

Project Leader from Poland:
National Library/Biblioteka Narodowa

Partner from the Donor-Country:
Bergen Public Library/Bergen Offentlig Bibliotek

Construction, training and transfer of knowledge

Infrastructural works on Krasinski Palace will include conservation, restoration and construction works (extension, reconstruction and renovation) on immovable monuments and of their surroundings (together with supervision of these works)

Within the framework of the project there are planned, among others - professional trainings - there will be conducted 20 professional trainings in total for current and new employees of the National Library - 608 hours in total and 40 hours of non-professional trainings for locacommunity and related institutions.

All planned trainings are essential for the effective implementation of the new cultural and educational offer and for the proper incorporation of changes and opportunities brought by the conversion and new layout of the Palace of the Commonwealth.

A key goal in the project collaboration, amongst others, is the exchange of experience, knowledge and good practices on the protection of cultural heritage and education on local history. 

Norway Grants

The project is funded with financial support from Norway Grants.