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Flickr commons - no known restrictions

Bergen Public Library, Norway, has joined the Flickr commons to increase public access to our digital collections. The Flickr commons enables the public to contribute with their knowledge and information regarding the images, and makes it possible for the public to participate in the process of making the images even more available by tagging, circulating and commenting on them. All digital files have been reproduced by Bergen Public Library unless otherwise noted.

The documents are free to use, if no other exception is expressed. All images that are uploaded to Bergen Public Library's digital collections are marked with the "no known copyright restrictions". This marking indicates that the images are in "the public domain" because the copyright has expired as to Norwegian copyright law, and/or the copyright belongs to the library and has been wavered. The library has to the best of its ability selected these images for release and any comments on these, or future images are most welcome.

Please make a clear source reference to Bergen Public Library, and the archive/collection it belongs to. Please link back when sharing photos on the Internet. Our images are meant for personal enjoyment, educational and research purposes. Questions regarding high quality reproduction should be directed towards the library.

We work hard to make the most out of our collections and have tried to include as much as we know about the images in the bibliographic reference. We are happy to receive any feedback from the public, both regarding individual pieces and the collections as such. All help from the public is highly appreciated by the library.

Thank you and enjoy!

Visit http://flickr.com/bergen_public_library