Skattejakt, Klosteret lesekiosk

Gratulerer! Du har funnet skatten på Klosteret!

Som belønning kan du velge en av følgende gjenstander:

Rod of Alertness

"This rod has a flanged head and the following properties.

- Alertness. While holding the rod, you have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks and on rolls for initiative.
- Spells. While holding the rod, you can use an action to cast one of the following spells from it: detect evil and good, detect magic, detect poison and disease, or see invisibility.
- Protective Aura. As an action, you can plant the haft end of the rod in the ground, whereupon the rod's head sheds bright light in a 60-foot radius and dim light for an additional 60 feet. While in that bright light, you and any creature that is friendly to you gain a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws and can sense the location of any invisible hostile creature that is also in the bright light.

The rod's head stops glowing and the effect ends after 10 minutes, or when a creature uses an action to pull the rod from the ground. This property can't be used again until the next dawn."

Animated Shield

"While holding this shield, you can speak its command word as a bonus action to cause it to animate. The shield leaps into the air and hovers in your space to protect you as if you were wielding it, leaving your hands free. The shield remains animated for 1 minute, until you use a bonus action to end this effect, or until you are incapacitated or die, at which point the shield falls to the ground or into your hand if you have one free.

A shield is made from wood or metal and is carried in one hand. Wielding a shield increases your Armor Class by 2. You can benefit from only one shield at a time."

Faller ikke belønningene i smak?

Motta istedenfor en belønning på 250gp, som kan brukes i bibliotekets utstyrshandel.

Hva er denne siden?

Dette nettstedet er en del av 'skattejakten' knyttet til Dungeons & Dragons: Duell og skattejakt på Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek, m. fl. Hendelsen tar sted i løpet av Internasjonal spillmåned 2023, som varer ut november.

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