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Summary of The Grieg Archives

Nina og Edvard Grieg's private archive (original documents and digital reproductions), published compositions, and publications about Grieg's professional and personal life.

Autographs - Edvard Grieg

  • Autograph scores, including juvenalia, and little known compositions, printed for the first time in the Edvard Grieg Complete Works.Digital autographs (facsimile) available under Compositions.

  • 3 folders with sketches, ideas, drafts, fragments, works in progress ( among them a 2nd Piano Concerto in H minor ).

  • 3 exercise books from the conservatory years in Leipzig, with corrections by Grieg's teachers. 

  • Manuscripts of articles written by Grieg for newspapers and periodicals. 

  • Letters from Edvard Grieg, ca. 800. Digital letters (facsimile and text) available under Correspondence(NOTE: Proofreading of the transcribed text not completed).

  • Diaries, from the years 1865, 1865-1866, 1905-1906 and 1907. The diaries were published by Bergen Public Library in 1993. Digital diaries (facsimile and text) available under Search the collection / Griegiana.

  • Account-books, some with notes, from 1872-1873 and 1880-1902. Grieg kept a meticulous account of his expenses. In the book for 1885 there are drawings of his new home, Troldhaugen, with measurements of the furniture and a list of plants for the garden.

Autographs - others


  • Letters from Nina.

  • Compositions by Rikard Nordraak, Grieg's close friend. One volume, including a sketch of the Norwegian national anthem, Ja, vi elsker. 

  • Compositions and poems from friends and colleagues, including a musical greeting from Johannes Brahms. 

  • Letters to Edvard and Nina Grieg; valuable source material of general historical interest. Letters from famous composers and authors of the day, as Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Ibsen and Bjørnson, from politicians, publishers and impresarios, and from friends and admirers. Digital letters (facsimile and text) available under Correspondence. (NOTE: Proofreading of the transcribed text not completed).


Photos & graphic material

Photographs, including a child portrait of Grieg as an 11-year-old with his inscription. Youthful drawings by Grieg as well as sketches by artist friends.Digital facsimiles available under Pictures.


  • An autograph album and a drawing sketch album from the 1860's.

  • Nina's briefcase from her later years, with some of her most cherished letters and photographs, also her passport. Digital facsimiles available under Griegiana.


  • Grieg's score collection of his own and other composers' work; many with personal dedications to Grieg. Corrections and additions in Grieg's hand are found on some of his own works.

  • Grieg's private library, comprising books on music, biographies, novels and poetry. It includes the collected works of the Danish author, H. C. Andersen, in 20 volumes, with Grieg's signature.

  • Concert programmes. Concerts Grieg attended while studying in Leipzig and concerts where Edvard Grieg (and often Nina ) performed.


  • Score autographs. 28 compositions, the property of Grieg's Leipzig publishers, C. F. Peters Musikverlag, bought by the Norwegian state authorities in 1986 and incorporated in the Grieg Archives.

  • The Violin sonata op. 45, bought from a private collector in 2004, by means from local sponsors and Bergen municipality. Digital autographs (facsimile) available under Search the collection / Compositions. 

  • 150 letters to Grieg's friend Sigurd Hals, 14 letters to the opera-singer Julius Steenberg, about 400 letters to Grieg's publisher, Max Abraham in of C.F.Peters Musikverlag. Through the years, some more of Grieg's letters have been bought at public auctions.

Edvard Grieg's compositions (scores)

  • First editions and rare editions (prints)

  • Edvard Grieg Complete Works: 20 volumes, comprises complete collection of first editions (eller facsimiles of non-published works) followed by critical /scientifical comments

  • Ordinary editons (aimed at completeness)

  • Pirat editions

  • Arrangements of Grieg's compositions


  • Biographies and research publications about Edvard Grieg's life and music.

  • Articles on Grieg, from Bergen newspapers and other sources.

  • The Grieg Anniversary, 1993. Documentation of the 150th anniversary of Edvard Grieg's birth.

Sound recordings

Sound recordings (CDs, LPs,78-records, tapes, cassettes, pianola rolls). Includes recordings of Edvard Grieg performing at the piano and recordings of his romances with texts in a number of languages. There are also over 100 different interpretations of the Piano Concerto in A minor.


Films (vhs / dvd) about Edvard and Nina Grieg, texted in Norwegian or English.


Copies of compositions, letters and photographs held by other archives and libraries.

Grieg souvenirs

Postcards, memorial coins, a.o.

The documents are free to use, if no exception is expressed. Please make clear source reference to Bergen Public Library, The Grieg Archives. Selected recordings are available for listening, allowed by the publisher, The Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen.