av Margrete Rasmussen sist endret 2020-06-17T14:58:29+02:00
Portals is part two of the Bergen Trilogy. Created by UIB Fulbright scholar and digital artist Jason Nelson and Australian digital projection artist Alinta Krauth, Portals is a series of generative digital artworks transforming the library windows into dynamic art-scapes and revealing the secret stories hiding between the walls.

Made specifically for the Bergen Public Library, their artworks blank and blank experiment with the inside/outside public/private nature of window spaces. Working across a range of areas in the library, including the music room and the archives, these public projection works are made for viewing form the outside after dark.

Drawing on themes of the monstrous nature of humanity, technology, and climate, blank augments the Bergen Public Library windows like you’ve never seen them before. And as the artworks will change every week, so keep exploring for new strange and wondrous projections.